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How to use campaign ids to track your links.
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Tracking IDs

Using tracking ids you are able to get statistics on the links that you use in your marketing efforts. You can use the tracking code on any link, which can be used on blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Solo ads, Emails or any other marketing element that you use.

Tracking ID Structure

Tracking ids are easy to create without coming to this page. We recommend that you create a txt file or a spreadsheet for your tracking ids. A tracking link is made up of a minimum of four (4) sections; domain, page, user and tracking id.

Look at the above link and you can see these four sections:
  1. Domain name: This value is not going to change for any of your tracking links.
  2. Page name: This changes depending upon the page that you are advertising. Most pages follow the 4-digit numerical code.
  3. Username: This does not change if you are tracking links in one account. If you have more than one account you would change this to match the username on the account.
  4. Tracking ID: This value is what you use to identify the campaign that you have created and are tracking the results.

Tracking ID Examples

Here is an example of tracking the links that you put in your YouTube description:
In this link we have created a tracking ID that contains the "YT--" and this is to specify YouTube and the second part, "F8A0yzBkmHo", is identical to the video id. This gives you one more way to identify the media and id of the media you are tracking. With this you can determine which YouTube videos produce more conversions from the description box.
This method would be used if you were posting links on a Facebook page or in a Twitter feed.


FB--lcpb (page name shortened)

TW--425193577514549248 (tweet id)

Email ID
EM--001768 (create a list of your emails with an id)

Use Your Personal Domain To Track Links

At this point we recommend that you consider using your own domain name and creating a 301 redirect for each of this tracking ids. This ensures that your links are more attractive. We created a video on how to get one domain with hosting to accomplish this.

Get a personal domain name with and use our tutorial videos to learn about domain name forwarding and using 301 Redirect Pages so you can track multiple traffic sources with one domain.

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