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My autoresponders show ~var~ instead of the link.
We received a ticket over the weekend and wanted to post it for the benefit of everyone. This has to do with creating your own auto responder series and using the variables or vars in your emails. We got a ticket that when someone was testing their auto responders by filling out the capture form on their capture page the email they got had the ~var123~ instead of the link that should have auto-populated in its place. Upon further investigation in looking at the HTML source of the email it was discovered that when they were editing the email in the WYSIWYG editor box they highlighted the variables and applied a font change and bold to it. When we looked at the source code here is what we found.


Remember that a var should look like this, ~var55~, but in the source code above the last tilde was separated by a closing tag and this caused the link to not auto-populate. Now I will share the right source code.


You see that in the first example a was placed around the ~var~ when the user was editing the email. This is easily corrected by looking at the source code and making sure that the characters in the ~var55~ are not separated. This will only be encountered when you are customizing your own emails. The auto responders that we add to the system have been checked for this anomaly. If you have any further questions please create a ticket.

Here is a video on YouTube that shows how to correct this bug in the autoresponder:

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