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How do I send an email broadcast?
From your dashboard you will want to find the EMAIL BROADCASTS button on the left hand side.

Various systems differ in layout but it the button is on the left hand side.

When you have the WYSIWYG editor on the screen you can begin to type out your subject line and email body.

We do recommend typing your email on a notepad, wordpad or Word Document so that the system does not timeout and you lose your work. When you are done you can then simply copy and paste the information into the editor and send it.

If you are using a template email you will look for the red envelope to the right hand side on the WYSIWYG editor bar.

Select your email template from the list and it will automatically populate the subject line and email body.

Check the text and make any necessary changes and then select the contact groups that should receive the email broadcast and select the date if you want to schedule it or leave it if you want it to go to the queue for immediate sending.

Click Send Mail and you are done.

 Last updated Thu, May 1 2014 1:00am

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