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How do I connect a custom auto-responder series to a capture page?
Most capture pages have a corresponding auto responder. For example, capture page 0017 is linked to lead group 0017, which uses autoresponder series 0017.

Now, when you are using a custom capture page and you want to link it to a autoresponder series or you want to change the autoresponder series that a current capture page is connected to you need to set the lead group that you want to use.

This is done by clicking on the edit page settings button that is beneath the capture page thumbnail.

When you are on the page to edit the capture page settings you need to click on the power settings button at the top and then scroll down to change the lead group id, which is the same as the autoresponder series, to the series you want to use with the capture page.

When that is complete, make sure you click Save.

 Last updated Thu, Sep 26 2013 1:00am

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