Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot create an account, what is going on?
Sorry for the trouble, the process of creating your account is most commonly interrupted by one of these common reasons. 
  1. The username that you would like to have is already in use with another member of the company. There is an error pop-up to let you know that you will need to choose another username. You may be wanting to use the same username that you have with a company you are working with and the best solution to that is to get your own domain name at and forward it to your capture page. This is more professional and we have an entire document on this good business decision.
  2. The verification at the end of the registration form is not entered in as an exact match of what was in the box. The letters are case sensitive.
  3. The email address has already been used to create an account. If you need two accounts you will have to use a different email address for each account. 
If you still have problems creating an account please let us know by creating a ticket.

 Last updated Thu, Sep 26 2013 1:00am

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