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How do I promote more than one product, company or service?
It is easy to promote more than one company and the way you set up the first is the way that you set up the second sales funnel. 

To understand this better it is best to ignore the primary capture page since the link is exceptional, being able to only promote one primary capture page. 

You can promote one business with a capture page with a link like this:

With this page you need to set up the following.
  1. Customize the capture page content, video, button and other things if necessary/
  2. Assign lead group
  3. Set the redirect URL
  4. Write auto response emails if necessary
  5. Set auto responder variables 
To use the Lead Capture Page Boss to promote a second product, service or company you just follow the same steps above. 

You can actually promote many things all at the same time. The basic free account does have limits on the number of leads that you can store and the number of emails you can send each month. There are also many more pages available to members of the Professional membership as well as software. 

Your two links for two different items could look like the following.

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