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How do you change the label on the capture page form?
Here is a video that shows a resolution to a potential problem. If you are creating a custom series of autoresponders and you want to personalize the emails with the tour takers name you can do that with variables like ~name~ or your name with ~afname~.

The potential problem is that the tour taker could enter their full name on their capture form, Jack Evans, for example.

Now, in your emails, your variables are showing the tour takers name and since they may have entered their full name it may not read well in your emails.

The solution then is to change the label on your capture form to First Name instead of Name. This is more instructive and your results will be more specific and cause your auto responders to read the way that you expect them to.

So the question is, “How to change that label on the capture form?

Here is a YouTube video to show that.

 Last updated Thu, Sep 26 2013 1:00am

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