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Why do I see someone else's page when I try to see mine?
This is not a common occurrence but it does happen and has a lot to do with the browser you use and the version of it.


You have heard the word if you have been around the Internet very much but was is it?

Just like the saying, a cache of ammunition, it is a storage. What web browsers do is collect data from web pages that you visit and stores some files so when you visit that page again the browser does not have to reload all the files and this makes your surfing experience faster.

This is a great technology but it does have some drawbacks.

On our system we are using tracking codes so that the people you send to your site go where you want them to go and you get the credit for any actions they take; making a purchase, clicking on an affiliate link or other related topics.

Now, when you are testing your site and the sites of others that you may be helping get their account set up your computer is storing the files and the cookies as well and this can result in some unwanted behavior.

You may see someones name on your site or when you click on a link you go to another persons specified destination.

One thing that is important to know is that what you see on your computer is not necessarily what a new visitor will see, because they have not visited other sites and don't have the cache and cookies.

How to clear your cache?

It is important then to clear the cache and cookies on your computer and here are some links that will show you how to do this.

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