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The Primary Capture Page
The Lead Capture Page Boss system offers a feature that is convenient and that is the primary capture page.

With the primary capture page you shorten the link to your capture page from:


There is a limitation on the use of the Primary Capture page and that is the Piggyback domain.

The piggyback domain is any domain name that is being used for capture pages besides

The piggyback domain is good for companies and marketers that don't want to have the domain name show in the browser address bar of their visitors. This is valuable for branding, name recognition or just avoiding the term "leadcapture".

The primary capture page on the system has to be a capture page that is part of the domain and not a piggyback domain.

The piggyback domain can be used with just your username but it will default to one page and cannot be changed.

This is why we always strongly recommend that you have your own personal domain name for your business.

Click here to read about getting a personal domain name.

You will find this document in your Lead Capture Page Backoffice in the Resource section.

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