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How do I import my leads into my contact manager?
We have a very good deliverability rate for our emails. It is very important that your emails get delivered to the prospects inbox. 

There are a number of email practices that can get a mail server blacklisted (a list that a server's IP address goes on and email providers look to the list to allow or deny emails). One item that will promote a server to be blacklisted is sending emails that bounce back to the sender because the email address is no longer good. 

This is an indicator that a spam situation is likely to be taking place. 

For this reason with other similar reasons we do not allow leads to be imported unless they meet a specific criteria. Please contact us for more information about importing leads. 

Instead of importing leads we suggest you use the Inviter tool to invite your address book to take a look at your capture page. 

 Last updated Thu, Sep 26 2013 1:00am

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