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What are lead capture pages for?
A lead capture has a couple key benefits. If you send a prospect to a company website there are a couple things that could happen. The best case scenario is that they buy or join. The most common experience however is that they leave your site and come back later to look again but if they Google the name of your product or company are they going to find your site? Most likely not. So you have lost the opportunity convert that prospect or potential customer. 

The lead capture page is designed to make the prospect curious. You "sizzle" them with a video and some well planned marketing copy. Then you offer something if they fill out the form; a book, other bonuses, the ability to watch a video or find out what company or product you are promoting. With this you capture their contact information so now you know who was on your site and can send them an email and/or call them to speak with them. 

In our system the prospect can also be put on an automated autoresponder series. This is a number of emails that are sent automatically to the prospect. You can completely customize the messages that they receive.

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