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Why don't the videos play on my capture page?

There are a number of reasons why a video will not play on a capture page. Here is a list of the reasons.

  1. On iOs mobile devices like the iPhone the videos do not play. This is because Apple has set their devices to not play videos that are set to “autoplay” (play without clicking them). Our videos are set to autoplay.
  2. It is possible for upgraded members that can control their videos to have a error in the video code used. The solution to this is to check the video code that you have in the data field for this and make sure it brings up a valid video on YouTube.
  3. For the pages that are completely editable you want to check that the html is accurate.
  4. It is possible that your browser is out-of-date or your computer or Internet service is slow, which prevents the video from playing properly.

NOTE: We are implementing HTML5 so that the videos will appear on iOS devices with a play button on them instead of not appearing at all. If you have a page that is not working with the new code please let us know by creating a ticket. 

 Last updated Thu, Sep 26 2013 1:00am

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